How did I get where I am today?

Creating your story. 


I have practiced journalism for over five years, and journalism has never been just about the story for me, but about the person telling it. 


Through the many interviews I've done, I have witnessed the power of questions, listening and witnessing what is present. Every person has a story and that story is theirs to write. But sometimes we might need help figuring out the now, future chapters and even go back to previous chapters to understand our journey better. If we understand our journey, we can more powerfully move forward. 

So here is my story:

CHAPTER 1: Choosing my own path

Now in 2020, you can literally do ANYTHING with your life. Options are endless but that alone can be so overwhelming that you get paralyzed by the choices. On the other side of the spectrum, there is still that certain line of line that society pushes us to follow, go to college, get a job, get married, kids, house, etc., which can similarly pressure us. 

However, I want you to know that you are in control what path you want to create for yourself. 

Dare to go the road less traveled, if it calls you.

Dare to make your choices, even if they scare you.

Fear means that something is big enough to pursue.


I did not follow any lines. I drew outside of them. I graduated high school and went to work in the UK for a few months. I then worked a few years in a supermarket to save money to go study abroad, manifesting every day "one day I'll get out of here." I eventually did, and completed my undergrad in the States. After my graduation, I drove to LA without savings, without a place to live, no job and went into freelancing to get bills paid despite my professors voices in my head telling: "You cannot freelance straight out of college." I ended up staying for 10 months. It was a challenging, at times difficult path, but worth it, because it felt right. It felt like mine. 

CHAPTER 2: Mental health struggles in college

To rewind a bit, in college, I almost worked myself to the ground. Anxiety, stress and overwhelm were what I thought that life in college just entailed. And I want to tell you, this is DEFINITELY not what college/university is supposed to be like.


I neglected my wellbeing throughout the 3,5 years. I might have worked out four times a week, but I don’t consider waking up at 6 am running with 5 hrs of sleep wellbeing either. My diet wasn’t bad but it was the same thing every day, whatever the cafeteria offered. I didn’t socialize enough because I just worked. I rarely did things for myself. I do not regret working hard, as I took every opportunity I could get out of college, which gave me so much in life and my work has always been my passion and fulfillment. But what I have learned in retrospect is that wellbeing and happiness should always come first. Because if you don’t have your wellbeing, you have nothing and you cannot do it all that you love. It is a miracle I did not burn out. 

I wasn’t the only one living this unhealthy lifestyle. I witnessed so much mental health issues around me that I remember thinking that how people in higher education can struggle this much? On April 19, 2017, I received a phone call that my little brother, Esa, a game design student at a university in Finland, had taken his own life.  That call crumbled my world. From that moment on, depression joined in my mix of mental struggles.


A month before my brother died, a student on my campus ended his life, and I kept asking the question: Why is it that university students who are supposed to be having the time of their lives, can be struggling to such extent that they might not want to be here anymore?


This did not make sense to me.

CHAPTER 3: From pain of loss to writing a story to coaching people

From my personal pain and wanting to get answers, I wanted to dig in mental health issues among college students and my generation. I wanted to find answers, so I could help as many people as possible because suicide is not an option. I want that word of our dictionaries and out of our existence. It needs to stop. As a result, I wrote an investigative story "Breaking the silence about mental health issues in college," and created mental health focused magazine issue.

I believe pain is power but people just need to find the potential and purpose that lies in the pain that they go through. Having lifted myself up after being beaten down by my brother’s suicide and then as sudden breakup with whom I thought was the love of my life, I now coach people to connect with the power of their story, find the potential in their struggles and move toward action to create the best life for themselves.


My brother as my driving force, I am dedicated to help millennials, college students, young professionals, mature professionals, whoever you might be. I am here for you. I want to help you to write the book of your life - to create the life that you love.


Whatever you have gone through.

Whatever you are dealing with now.

Whatever you think of the future.

It all matters.

It is all there for a reason.

There are answers in all of that, and as a coach I want to help you find those answers within you.

Are you a college student overwhelmed by everything you need to do? 

I’ve been there. 

Are you a recent graduate, pressured to find work? 

I’ve been there. 

Are you a young professional, wanting to find the dream job but not sure what it is? 

I’ve been there. 

Are you stressed about finances, how to pay rent, make ends meet? 

I’ve been there. 

Are you struggling with anxiety or/depression and you want to find coping mechanisms so you can deal with it on your own? 

I’ve been there. 

Are you a person who has the desire to connect to your true self, to find direction and actions to move to your best possible self and life?

I’ve been there and I GOT YOU.

CHAPTER 5: The power of coaching: connection & movement

Having gone through this journey, I have found myself needing a place to be heard and seen. I have found myself sitting in the coachee chair and finding answers from within me just by being present with a coach who asks the right questions, listens to me and supports me in my journey. There is so much power in coaching and I believe if every single human being on earth found the right coach for them, this world would turn upside down with empowering visions and energy.


There are two things I believe will change mental health in this world: connection and movement. If we keep connecting and moving internally through mind, body and soul, and externally through action, anything is possible. Therefore, as a coach I hope to help you to connect and find answers in yourself, so you can get moving toward your best self and making your wildest dreams a reality.


With me, no dream is too big.

You have all the answers.

You are your only limit, and therefore you are limitless.

Sometimes we just need to clarify through the clouds of our minds to see it.


Let’s connect.

Let's get moving.