creative mentoring

I offer mentoring for creatives who might struggle putting their big vision together whether it is a book, writing an article, building a website or social media content plan.

My background being in journalism combined with my coaching training I have learned stories are at the core of everything. The stories define our reality and the story we want to tell can be the hardest thing to define. We are so close to it that things can get blurry.

So, I'd love to help you find that clarity for your vision and the steps how to get it to the finish line.


WRITING: Connect with your writer self: beat writer's block and make words flow again.

ONLINE PRESENCE: How to show up and tell your story authentically and with clarity online and on social media 

TIME MANAGEMENT: For someone who feels overwhelmed about their to-do lists and wants to feel at their best and give the best of themselves each day to their work and creative projects.

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online & social media presence

"Branding yourself on social media is increasingly important in making connections with people who share the same interests as you and can help in landing lucrative job opportunities. I knew all of this, but wasn't sure what my social media presence should be like - how could I tell my story in a personal, yet professional way? Essi helped me identify what I should communicate and to whom, and together we came up with a gameplan on how to manage my personal brand better on social media. Working with Essi got me excited about posting material again; we came up with creative ideas for my brand and she has offered plenty of assistance in tackling the big questions and honing the smallest details. I'm looking forward to having her help me again as I keep reaching my goals with my social media presence!"



“Establishing a strong brand and creating authenticity is one of the key factors to long-term success on social media. At the beginning, this process was frustrating but after working with Essi for 2 years now, it has elevated my business, my brand and developed strong connections and relationships to my audience. For example, when I first started with Essi, I had approximately 6,500 followers with little brand and outreach. As of July 2020,  I have surpassed 20K followers with high engagement, profile visits, and significant outreach. Essi has a unique gift of working with your specific needs, and communicating at the highest level. Essi’s impeccable detail and organizational skills are the best I’ve seen from anyone. Her ability to identify both strengths and weaknesses, creating a higher brand awareness through innovative ideas and action is excellent. She has assisted me tremendously in this area and you won’t be disappointed.”


Professor in Exercise Science & Sports Performance and S&C Coach