Featured Podcasts

Here are other podcasts where I have had the privilege to be a guest at to share my story and have amazing conversations with incredible humans.


In this very first podcast interview I have ever done, I talk to my dear friend Jackie about my journey as a multiplatform journalist and about my wander hustle as a writer and creative person. I tell about my time working in Los Angeles. I share how losing my brother to suicide in 2017 was a defining moment for me to realize how telling stories is my way how I want to help people. Stories can help change lives and get people moving in action. I also speak about my realization how my innate optimism and losing it momentarily in 2017 woke me up to my mission to help people to find their way back from their rock bottom back up to rise up to their light. To help people know that they are not alone but help them to be found again. 

This episode was recorded in 2018 in Los Angeles before starting my master's in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology in London in January 2019.